Receive Your Newsletter Electronically

Step 1 - Validate your membership

The first step is to validate your membership. If you know your AMC Membership Number, this will be really quick. Hint: don't close this window while you follow these steps. Instead, open a second browser window and use that to go to the Member Center. Click this link to open a new window now and get started.

Click the lower link because you have not received a Welcome email from AMC. If you have a Welcome email, skip to Step 3

Click link to validate

Enter your membership number in the box on the Member Validation web page. Even if your membership has recently expired, the system will try to find your name and address information.

If you have a family membership all of the names on the membership will be listed. Choose the name of the person to receive the newsletter email.

If you made a typing mistake or AMC cannot find your member number, you may see a screen like the one below. 

If you receive this screen, fill in your information and AMC Membership will look up your member number and send it by email to the address you specify.  member number not found 

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