XC Skiing Email Lists

There are many email lists that cover Nordic skiing in Connecticut. Several are listed below. These lists are NOT sponsored by AMC or the Connecticut Chapter of AMC but are often used by AMC members. List members post their own reports of ski conditions throughout New England - wherever they ski - and often invite others to join them for informal ski outings. Any outings posted to these email lists are not official AMC trips or official notices of AMC activities. Use your own discretion regarding the information on these email lists.

To join an email list (Yahoo Group), enter your email address and click the button in the form below for the group or groups of your choice. You will receive a confirming email from Yahoo. Follow the instructions in that email to complete the process for each group you wish to join.

The XCCT Yahoo group is more active in Eastern and Central Connecticut.
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The HCC-Ski group is sponsored by the Hat City Cyclists bicycling club in Bethel, CT. Activities tend to be in Western Connecticut.
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CTNordicSkiers receives reports from all over New England.
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Please note: These Email lists are NOT run by CT AMC