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Current list of all CT Chapter ski trips

Ski Definitions

green dot Beginner For those who have not mastered basic ski touring skills such as diagonal stride, herringbone, & snowplow. (Instructions available at X-C touring centers).
green dot Novice Can ski 5 mi. on rolling wide trails, those rated "Easiest" at ski touring centers. Can snow plow to slow, can ski straight up gradual slopes and herringbone on steeper terrain.
blue square Intermediate Can Ski 7-8 mi. In control on ungroomed woods trails with steep sections. (Ref. Trails rated "More Difficult" at Ski Touring centers). Must be physically capable of breaking trail.
black diamond Advanced Can ski 10 mi. plus, with consistent control using all touring techniques, on narrow trails with steep sections. (i.e.: Trails rated "Most Difficult" at ski touring centers). Must be capable of breaking trail.

These assume good snow and trail conditions. Always be aware of changing snow and weather conditions and adjust your plans accordingly.