Past Committee Meetings, Guest Speakers and Accomplishments   

2009 Activities
2008 Guest Speakers
January Josh Friedman, Connecticut Fund for the Environment
February Adam Moore, Executive Director of the Connecticut Forest and Park Association
2008 Legislation Review
March Pizza Social and Movie
July Gus Kellogg, President/Founder Greenleaf Biofuels "Biofuels Role in Connecticut's Energy Future"
2007 Guest Speakers
January Adam Moore, Executive Director of the Connecticut Forest and Park Association
February Potluck Dinner & Viewing of Nova's Dimming the Sun.
March Heidi Green, Executive Director of 1,000 Friends of Connecticut, an organization dedicated to promoting smarter, more responsible development in Connecticut
April  no speaker
May  no speaker
June Dr.Charlotte Pyle, Landscape Ecologist with the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service in Tolland & a working member of the Connecticut Invasive Plant Working Group.  Dr. Pyle spoke on the scope of the invasive plant problem in Connecticut. How to identify Invasive Species? How to help eradicate them?
December Viewing of "Kilowatt Ours"
2006 Guest Speakers
January Birge Dayton, CT AMC Conservation/Trails Committees History and Development of Privies and Composters
February Dr. Fred Loxsam, Eastern Connecticut State University -- Institute for Sustainable Energy
March Christine Woodside, Appalachia editor, Author of "Homeowner's Guide to Energy Independence"
April Bob Wall, SmartPower Connecticut
May Terry Kinney, CT Fund for the Environment -- "CT's Clean Car Initiative"
2004 - 2005 Guest Speakers
October 2004 Shelley Greene; The Nature Conservancy – Salmon River conservation projects.
November 2004 Kim O’Rourke; Middletown Recycling Coordinator – computer and electronics recycling in Middletown
December 2004 Roger Smith, CFPA – Spoke on Clean Water Action, CT Climate Coalition, and current climate legislation
April 2005 Patty Pendergast; CFPA – Spoke on ATV legislation
May 2005 Kristen Sykes, AMC Highlands Advocate and Katherine Rand, The Highlands Coalition -- spoke on Highlands Act, specifically in CT