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Pending Smart Growth Legislation  -- April 2007

S.B. 1215 An Act Implementing a Process of State-wide Responsible Growth outlines a comprehensive set of policies to strengthen development planning and regional cooperation and to reduce our reliance on the property tax. The bill is based on recommendations made by 1000 Friends of Connecticut in a report titled Developing Connecticut’s Economic Future.

H.B. 7090 An Act Concerning Responsible Growth creates a responsible growth taskforce, aligns state investment with smart growth criteria and encourages multi-town cooperation.

H.B. 7368 An Act Implementing the Recommendations of the Brownfields Task Force and H.B.7369 An Act Concerning Brownfields Remediation and Development would work to facilitate brownfield remediation and development, modify the Office of Brownfield Remediation & Development, and streamline the remediation process.

H.B. 6366 An Act Concerning the Implementation of Transportation Infrastructure Improvements for Connecticut’s Economic Future would expeditiously implement the next phase of comprehensive transportation infrastructure improvements to strengthen the economy, reduce congestion, encourage public transit usage, foster transit oriented development and responsible growth, and provide enhanced mobility for people and goods.

H.B. 1352 An Act Concerning Youth Opportunities and Urban Revitalization: includes a new, comprehensive tax credit for rehabilitation of certified historic structures.

S.B. 1057 An Act Concerning Municipal Planning makes changes to certain planning statutes to encourage affordable housing in designated districts.

H.B. 7402 An Act Concerning Regional Services seeks to establish a financial program for towns that provide services on a regional basis.

For more information contact: 1000 Friends of Connecticut.

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