To qualify as a day-ride bicycling leader in the Connecticut Chapter you must:

  1. Be an active member of the AMC, Connecticut Chapter on the day of the ride.
  2. Complete any one of the following:
    • Participate in an AMC leadership training course weekend.
    • Co-lead a bicycle ride (leader submits correct documentation).
    • Participate on a bicycle leadership training “rap ride.”
    • Have experience as a bicycling leader of another organized group.
  3. Plan a ride, submit ride listing documentation, conduct pre-ride talk, and lead a ride under the tutelage of an experienced, qualified CT Chapter bicycling day-ride leader.

While First Aid and CPR courses are not required, they are strongly recommended for all leaders. Courses offered through the AMC, Red Cross, SOLO, etc. are accepted.


To qualify as a weekend trip bicycling leader in the Connecticut Chapter you must:

  1. Be a qualified day-ride bicycling leader in the Connecticut Chapter (see above).
  2. Co-lead at least one weekend bicycling trip with an experienced, qualified Connecticut Chapter weekend trip bicycling leader.


  1. Develop cue sheet for ride if one does not already exist. Make sure the meeting/starting location has ample and legal parking.
  2. Prepare a ride description using the approved AMC format and and submit to Bicycling Ride Coordinators for approval and entry in the AMC Trips System. Rides in the Trips System are also displayed on the CT Chapter website.
  3. Check the ride route by car or bicycle within several days of the ride. Make note of any problems (e.g., construction, detours, rough pavement, etc.) and communicate these to the ride participants during the pre-ride talk.
  4. Make sufficient copies of cue sheet for distribution to participants.
  5. Arrive at the meeting place for the ride at least 15 minutes before the scheduled time in the ride listing. Ideally the ride leader is the first to arrive at the meeting site.
  6. Have participants read and sign the Liability Release Agreement (LRA).
  7. Conduct pre-ride talk, which should include:
    • a recap of the content and purpose of the LRA
    • group riding safety guidelines
    • participant introductions
    • a brief description of the ride route and its highlights
    • any cautions along the route riders should be made aware of
    • bathroom locations, food and water availability


  1. Locate facility (motel, outdoor center, etc.) to host the weekend.
  2. Determine dates and make contractual arrangements with the facility for food, lodging and any other services needed.
  3. Determine fee for trip. Total cost / number of participants. Leaders go free.
  4. Prepare a notice for the trip for publication in the AMC Trips System. This notice should include:
    1. Dates of the trip
    2. Sponsored activity (e.g., bicycling)
    3. Location
    4. Brief description of the trip highlights
    5. Fee and payment instructions, e.g., check payable to,  enclose SASE, etc.
    6. Description of accommodations, e.g., type of lodging, specific meals provided, etc.
    7. Registration information, e.g., name, address, phone number, email address, etc.
    8. Costs the fee covers, e.g., # nights lodging, # breakfasts, lunches, dinners, “social hours,” etc.
    9. Refund policy, e.g., nonrefundable unless replacement is found
    10. Leaders with their contact information
  5. Submit trip notice to the Bicycling Committee Ride Coordinators for approval and listing in the AMC Trips System. Trips submitted with sufficient lead time will also be listed in AMC Outdoors.
  6. Determine a “wait list” procedure should the trip fill up early
  7. Identify rides.
  8. Develop cue sheets for the rides if they don’t already exist.

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