General Information

The Excursions Committee is responsible for all CT AMC hikes, backpacking and skiing in CT and throughout New England. Several other CT AMC committees sponsor regional and age-group hikes. These are East of the River (EOR), Western CT, Family Activities, and Young Members.

We encourage everyone to sign up for our Main Hiking List to receive details of all hikes, trips, and special chapter events. Each week the Excursions Committee sends out a summary of all hikes scheduled for the upcoming week. Additional emails are sent to cover hikes submitted with less than one week in advance and for cancellations. If you prefer to receive emails for specific group activities, use the links under Special Email Lists.

Always contact the hike leader directly before the hike if you have any questions about directions or difficulty.

Dog owners must obtain the permission of the leader prior to the hike to bring any dog on a hike.

Current Hike Lists

Up to the second list of all chapter hikes and ski trips or see list of Young Members (20's and 30's) Hikes (only) or find Family-friendly hikes and activities. Always contact the hike leader before the hike if you have any questions about directions or difficulty. Dog owners must obtain the permission of the leader to bring any dog on a hike.

Appalachian Trail (AT) Day

Come celebrate the AT here in Connecticut on October 14, 2017. Hikes are scheduled to cover the entire 54-mile section of the AT in CT. In addition other events include a bike ride, paddle and rock climbing, all scheduled to end just in time for a Grand BBQ Cookout. Click here for the complete list of events. (Events show on the list as they are scheduled.)

 Join Hiking Email Lists

Committee Click the link to join
East of the River Receive emails for EOR Mid-week Hikes and Social Events
Hiking, Backpacking and Skiing Receive emails for all CT AMC hiking and skiing events
Western CT Thursday Hikes Receive emails for Western CT Hikes.
Family Activities Emails on all types of activites where familes with kids are especially welcome.
Young Members Receive emails for all YM events

Report Trail Conditions

Did you encounter a newly blown down tree on the trail? How about a water source that has dried up, a washout or water running over the trail? Report these problems or other needed trail maintenance to people who can help by emailing the trail reports hotline [Click to reveal email]. You can even praise the hard work done by these volunteers! When sending your report, include the name of the trail, the town, and the distance to the problem from a good landmark (campsite, trail head, road crossing, etc.). Thanks for your help! Please do not use this address for general comments or questions about hiking.

Contact the Excursions Committee

  Committee Co-Chairs Peg Peterson [Click to reveal email]
Phil Wilsey
Hike Coordinators Carol Hassett [Click to reveal email]
  Dave Cronin
David Roberts
  Phil Wilsey
  Bill Curley
  Website Support Fiona Nicholson [Click to reveal email]