Introduction to Outdoor Rock Climbing

This two-day course (consecutive Saturdays) is usually held in May at central Connecticut crags.  No prior climbing experience is required, but prior indoor climbing experience is helpful. All climbing equipment is provided (helmets required).

Day 1 Agenda:

  1. Introductions, overview of equipment, and safety issues
  2.  Tying the retraced figure eight knot and learning proper belay technique
  3. Description of types of climbing with focus on the Top-Rope climbing system
  4. Students practice belaying with assistance of instructors
  5. Lunch break
  6. Students are evaluated on belay technique before they are permitted to belay without an instructor assisting them.
  7. Students climb and belay each other under instructor supervision.

Day 2 Agenda:

  1. Review of knots and safety.
  2. Students climb and belay each other under supervision by AMC Leaders.  Leaders will offer tips and coaching on climbing techniques.
  3. Lunch break
  4. Lead climbing demonstration
  5. Discussion of climbing opportunities with the AMC and beyond