Facts and Figures
Description Cabin Rustic 1 story log cabin, sleeping quarters upstairs, one room downstairs.  Woodstove, and picnic table. Built in 1951 from chestnut trees killed by blight.
  Land AMC owns 125+ acres on northwest slope of bear mountain. The cabin is in an old growth hemlock grove near a small stream (boil or purify water). There is easy access to Bear Mountain, Taconic and Appalachian Trails.
Access By Road 500 yards from Mt Washington Rd. (6.8 mi from Salisbury, CT). Park 100 feet south of Mass. line on Mt Washington Rd in AMC parking lot. Note: Road is closed in winter (Nov-Apr). Call to be sure.
  By Trail For a detailed map, see the USGS Bashbish quadrant. The closest access is from Rt 41, north of Salisbury, CT. Undermountain Trail (1.9mi blue), turn north on the AT (1/4 mi white), west on Bear Mountain Rd (1 mi), north on Bog Trail (1/4 mi blue).
Reservations Cabin A reservations occupancy card is required to use the cabin. AT Ridgerunners check regularly.
  Platform The tent platform is included with the cabin reservation.
Cabin fees see registration policy
Availability Year around. (call the Registrar for reservations).
Capacity The cabin is limited to the six bunks for fire safety. The tent platform accommodates 4 people, the total number of people on the land is limited to ten.
We Supply Battery-powered LED lanterns. The stacked firewood is for the stove only. Please gather deadfall to burn in the fire ring (save cut wood for heat in the cabin stove).
You must supply Batteries (AA size, four per lantern) for the lanterns. Toilet paper, matches, utensils, newspaper, cookware, padding for bunks, padlock for door.
Rules Check out time is 12 noon. Clean and sweep cabin before leaving. Dump waste water in wash pit. Refill wood bins for next party. Do not leave anything in the cabin, especially food or fuel. Pack out all food particles and trash.
Environmental statement This area abounds in wildlife and vegetation, some quite rare. Please do not disturb. Special note: The waters below the cabin are home to a unique species of fish, please do not pollute the watershed. Do not disturb rattlesnakes. See our low impact brochure or read our bulletin board at the cabin for additional information.