The Riga Plateau - Facts and Figures

Northwest Cabin is located on the Mt. Riga plateau in the extreme A bear visits northwest corner of Connecticut where it meets the New York and Massachusetts borders. The Mt. Riga plateau contains 23 mountains of which 13 are over 2000 feet above sea level. The highest is Mt. Everett at 2602 feet. The area also contains the highest mountain in Connecticut, Bear Mountain (2316 ft), as well as the highest point in the state, Mt. Frissell (2380 ft).

 Bash Bish falls, Massachusetts' highest waterfall, is located within the plateau, along with the smaller Race Brook and Bear Rock falls. The two highest bodies of water within Connecticut (#1 Bingham Pond, #2 Guildens Pond) are here. Bingham Pond is actually a black spruce bog 1894 feet above sea level, and it is a national natural landmark. The Dolomite ledges near Mt. Everett and Sage's Ravine on the CT/MA state line are also classified as natural landmarks.

Mt. Riga plateau encompasses 25 square miles of protected open space. The Appalachian Trail passes through it. In mid to late June the mountain laurel bloom is spectacular. In addition, 105 acres above 2400 feet near the summit of Mt. Everett is further protected by the Massachusetts DEC since it contains approximately 20 acres of dwarf pitch pine.

During the Colonial and Revolutionary War period the Mt. Riga area was an important source of iron ore. Remnants of these "mines" still remain. Charcoal production was also important for use in the smelting process.

Mt. Riga Plateau Mountains:

Everett 2602 MA   Bald 2010 CT
Frissell 2453 MA   Sterling 1970 MA
Ashley 2390 MA   Ethel 1925 MA
Race 2365 MA   Prospect Hill 1919 MA
Bear 2316 CT   Frey 1893 MA
Brace 2311 NY   Bash Bish 1890 MA
Round 2296 CT   Cedar 1883 MA
Alander 2239 MA   Whitbeck 1870 MA
Gridley 2211 CT   Bushnell 1834 MA
Undine 2203 MA   Riga 1780 CT
Plantain 2088 MA   Lions Head 1738 CT
Darby 2030 MA        

Mt. Riga Plateau Open Space Properties

Appalachian Trail Corridor-CT 1,200
Appalachian Trail Corridor-MA 315
Bash Bish Falls State Park 410
Dolomite ledges Natural Heritage Area 198
Jug End Wildlife Reservation 1,190
Mt. Everett State Reservation 1,675
Mt. Plantain Wildlife Conservation Easement 1,337
Northwest Camp (AMC) 125
Mt. Riga State Park 315
Mt. Washington State Forest 4,585
Taconic State Park 5,000
TOTAL 16,350
Square Miles 25.5

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