Chapter Email Lists

Get the news on your favorite activities

CT AMC-sponsored Email lists are a great way to have news and events delivered straight to your email inbox.

Committee Address to Join
(see instructions below)
Bicycling Receive emails for Bicycling rides
Conservation Receive emails from the Conservation Committee
East of the River Receive emails for EOR Mid-week Hikes and Social Events
Hiking, Backpacking and Skiing Receive emails for all CT AMC hiking and skiing events
Western CT Thursday Hikes Receive emails for Western CT Hikes.
Flatwater & Sea Kayaking Emails on both inland and coastal padding
Fairfield County Group Receive emails for Fairfield County Group Social Events
Family Activities Emails on all types of activites where familes with kids are especially welcome.
Mountaineering Receive emails on Mountaineering events.
Whitewater Receive emails on Whitewater events
Young Members Receive emails for all YM events

How to join a CT AMC Email List
and What to Expect When You Do

We are gradually moving all email lists to Constant Contact where we believe email notices will be more reliable. Some links above take you to a form on Constant Contact. Fill in your name and email and click the button. That's all there is to it!

Other links open your email program. Send a blank email to the address and follow the instructions in the email from Yahoo.

All lists are for announcements only so you will receive only a few emails per month. If you reply to a message, the email goes only to the moderator who posted the message..