Trip Leader Qualifications

AMC requires the following of our trip leaders (to qualify for liability insurance coverage):

  1. Trip leader is an AMC member, at least 18 years of age.
  2. Prospective leaders must co-lead two trips with a active CT AMC whitewater trip leader.
  3. Leader must have have paddled any river they lead on several times before leading a trip on it for the club.
  4. Leader should have passed a Swiftwater rescue training course.

Leaders should know the location of the nearest hospital to the river they plan a trip on.

Note: Leaders MUST be a paid-up AMC member at the time of the trip. If you let your membership lapse and lead a trip, AMC insurance will not cover you.

TRIP FINANCES: Limited funds are available to cover all or part of any camping fees related to a AMC trip. Also if large deposits are required to hold a campsite or other reservation please contact Mark Schappert and a club check can be issued.

See the Leader Information page for leader responsibilities in preparing and leading a trip.

See the Whitewater Leader Education page for trip leader educational incentives!