AWA River Signals

Signal Actions Meaning


Raise arms or paddle horizontally - pump up & down.
(like a bird flapping wings or a weightlifter)

Potential hazard ahead -
wait for "All Clear"

All Clear

All clear:

Come ahead (in the absence of other directions proceed down the center). Form a vertical bar with your paddle or one arm held high above your head. paddle blade should be turned flat for maximum visibility. to signal direction or a preferred course through a rapid around obstruction, lower the previously vertical "all clear" by 45 degrees toward the side of the river with the preferred route. never point toward the obstacle you wish to avoid.

Safe to come ahead

Help / Emergency

Wave hand or paddle repeatedly in circles over head;
and/or Blow repeatedly on whistle.
Assist signaler ASAP -
use only in real emergencies

I'm ok:

I'm ok and not hurt. while holding the elbow outward toward the side, repeatedly pat the top of your head.

This signal is meant as a question and a answer

"Are you OK?"

"Yes, I'm OK."

Signal descriptions and graphics courtesy of American Whitewater