Maintainers, Boundary Monitors, and Patrolers

Crucial to maintaining and protecting the Appalachian National Scenic Trail in Connecticut are those who assist the Trails Committee by serving as a Maintainer, Bountary Monitor or Patroler.

All roles are important and all are rewarding. If you are interested in joining the Trails team in one of these positions or for securing further information contact one of the following Committee members:

Trails Chair Dave Boone 860-228-3875
Overseer of Trails Jim Liptack 203-431-6992
Maintainer Coordinator Harlan Jessup 203-270-7887
Boundary Coordinator Henry Edmond 203-426-6459
Patroler Coordinator Elaine LaBella 203-327-4084

Call one of the committee members or complete the form below and return to:

Trails Committee Help Form

___ I am interested in further information regarding the "Trails Team" positions.

___ I am particularly interested in the position of:

___ Maintainer

___ Monitor

___ Patroler

___ Other  - From time to time there are specialized positions available and special projects that need assistance.

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