Work Party Leader Qualifications

  1. Be a current member in good standing of the Appalachian Mountain Club.
  2. Co-lead at least two CT AMC Trails Workparties. Obtain the sponsorship of those Workparty leaders.
  3. Successfully complete one of the following CT Chapter classes:
  4. Show proficiency in Trails skills through one of the following:
    • Successfully complete at least one trails skills workshop (e.g.: grip hoist, chainsaw, wilderness first aid, etc.) sponsored by AMC, ADK, GMC, ATC, CFPA, or other recognized trail maintaining organization.
    • Have experience as a Workparty leader with another recognized trail maintenance organization and obtain the sponsorship of at least three CT Chapter Workparty leaders.

Adopted 10-7-03
Revised 4-29-11

Activity Forms

Form Name Document Description
Leader Qualification Application and Checklist Download Application form and checklist of qualifications necessary to become a work party leader
Leader Forms (LRA, etc.) Leader Central Leader forms and information such as the Liability Release Agreement