Group Hiking on the Appalachian Trail in Connecticut

Become familiar with the guidelines for all AT hikers found on the Hiking on the AT page.


Please emphasize to your group that privies are not trash cans! Privies have only one purpose
and that does not include trash. Trash hurts the privy's performance.

Group Safety and Enjoyment Suggestions for Leaders

How Busy is That Campsite?

We recommend you register your hike using the ATC's AT CAMP. For group camping registration, use the third registration button at the bottom of the page next to "A.T. Organized Group Campers". This new system shows where other registered groups have planned their overnight stays and also the resources at each campsite and trailhead so that you can plan a safe and enjoyable trip. Please note that this is NOT a reservation system. It is an information source to help reduce crowding at overnight sites and enhance the experience of all hikers. We strongly urge that only one group stay at an overnight site per night.

Several weeks before your trip check to see if your intended campsites are already busy. Once you have planned your trip, Contact the Group Outreach Coordinator with the following information:

There is an in-depth instructional video showing how to use the system and it is recommended you watch it before registering. You can cancel your registration at any time. There is no fee to use the system and it does not replace necessary registration systems in other parks the trail traverses.

 For a quick overview of the Connecticut section, Campsites are shown on the map and listed here with amenities.

You can reach the AMC Ridgerunner Coordinator at or call the AMC CT Chapter office at 413-528-8003.

Click here to view the Current AT Water Availability.

Ryan Rhodes
AMC Ridgerunner Coordinator (2017)
Email: [Click to reveal email]
Cellphone: (413) 528-8003

Adam Lippman
AMC-CT Group Camping Registrar
Email: [Click to reveal email]
Cellphone: (917) 215 8266