Help Us Save a Tree (or two) - Receive Your Newsletter Electronically

Help stop Global Warming, Reduce our Carbon Footprint, Save Energy and Reduce Solid Waste – all with a few clicks of your mouse! Beginning right now, you have the option to Opt-IN to receive future Connecticut Chapter newsletters electronically. Rather than cutting trees, making paper, printing with ink and mailing your newsletter to your mailbox, you have the option to receive an email. The email will contain a link to our chapter website where you will download and view the newsletter on your computer.

Member Center opening screen

For this to happen, you must Opt-IN on the AMC website, If this sounds complicated, it’s not. AMC has worked hard to make it as easy as possible. And to make it even easier, detailed instructions are here on our chapter website. See how easy it is and then set your member options at the new AMC Member Center on

Here's the (easy as) 1-2-3:

Our website and the electronic newsletter are provided to you using 100% recycled electrons!